Minister Jonan launches artesian wells, energy-saving solar cell lamps in Jambi

August, 09 2018 | 00:31 am Minister Jonan2

Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan has just officially launched nine newly installed artesian wells and energy-saving solar cell lamps to improve the lives of the residents across seven villages in Jambi province.

The program is a part of the government’s mission to provide clean water and electricity to Indonesians living in the country’s remote, outermost and disadvantaged regions.

The launching ceremony was held on Aug. 6 in Kemingking Dalam village in Muaro Jambi regency, Jambi province. From January 2015 to the first semester of 2018, the government, through the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, has drilled 1,878 new artesian wells across 27 provinces to serve the needs of 5.4 million residents.

Minister Jonan1

With a total water flow rate capacity of 18.2 liters per second, the nine artesian wells are capable of providing clean water to 8,736 Jambi residents who live across the province’s seven villages.

Out of the nine wells, the ministry financed the construction of seven wells using the 2017 state budget. It financed the construction of the remaining two wells using the 2018 state budget. Currently, the ministry is still constructing seven additional artesian wells in the province’s other areas using the 2018 state budget to fund the project.

As for the energy-saving solar cell lamps, the ministry has already handed out 807 of them to Jambi residents across two regencies. By distributing the energy-saving solar cell lamps to the residents, the ministry seeks to provide them access to electricity.

The government has set a target to distribute 175,000 energy-saving solar cell lamps to the same amount of households in areas yet to be electrified by state-owned electricity firm PLN throughout 2018. These areas are located across 15 different provinces and the project requires a total budget of Rp 600 billion (US$41.42 million).

“Next year [in 2019], we will distribute 150,000 more of these lamps to the same amount of households in areas not yet reached by this year’s program,” Jonan said. The ministry also raised the residents’ awareness on how to maintain these lamps properly.

In his concluding remarks, the minister said the availability of clean water and environmentally sustainable electricity in Jambi could boost the residents’ life quality as well as economic welfare.