Ambassadors urged to promote creative industries

November, 17 2017 | 09:37 am Ambassadors

The Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) said recently that necessary steps to take to develop the creative economy include the involvement of ambassadors that represent Indonesia in other countries.

Currently, Bekraf is developing various programs that need real support from a strong international network, such as diplomacy using soto (soup), coffee and woven fabric.

However, the success of culinary and fashion diplomacy requires active participation from the ambassadors representing Indonesia in promotional campaigns.

As a whole, Bekraf focuses on 16 creative economy sub-sectors including fashion, film, animation, the culinary sector, crafts, fine arts, performing arts, music, architecture, visual communication design, product design, application development and games, television and radio and photography.

The 16 sub-sectors are expected to propel national economic growth, contributing to the GDP, boosting exports and creating employment opportunities.

If the creative industry is developed well, then it is not impossible to see Indonesian success in the international scene regarding the creative economy, such as emulating South Korea and K-Pop.