Java-Bali Power grid interconnected

December, 05 2017 | 01:13 am Rusunawa Pulogebang untuk Warga Kalijodo

State-owned electricity company PLN corporate communication head I Made Suprateka noted that the Java-Bali power grid and the Sumatra grid were interconnected. This means that electricity supplied in one area of Sumatra can be provided to another area.

He said that Riau was one region where it was difficult to build power plants, because of the many peatland areas in the region. The peatland maturation process required a lot of money, so PLN opted for erecting transmission towers and an electric network in the region.

He said the cost of generating electricity in eastern Indonesia amounted to between Rp2,500 and Rp4,000 per KWh. The high cost was due to costly logistics in Papua and East Nusa Tenggara, he said at the FMB9 gathering on Nov. 30.