Oil and gas holding aims to see equity in gas pipeline construction

December, 07 2017 | 00:10 am _MG_0946

The government is set to establish a state-owned enterprise (SOE) holding company focused on the oil and gas sector to ensure equity in the construction of gas pipelines across Indonesia.

Upon the synergized mining company, the government will establish an SOE holding company for the oil and gas sector. By synergizing PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas), a subsidiary of state-owned energy giant Pertamina and state-owned gas company PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), the government believes that more efficient measures can be taken.

“One example is that it is unnecessary for us to build a pipeline simultaneously for our two company members because it is ineffective in terms of budget,” said a special staff member of an SOE, Wianda Pusponegoro, during the Forum Merdeka Barat 9 ( FMB9 ) gathering at the Communication and Information Ministry office on Dec. 5.

From the view point of assignment, Wianda said, holding will be advantageous. Under the plan, the government will appoint Pertamina to become a holding company. “Also when it comes to licensing and land clearance, obstacles can be minimized,” she said.

Thus, steps and strategy in the future will be focused on how the pipelines can be built equally in every region and besides, it is unnecessary to seek gas sources.

“Surely, the gas fields that have yet to be exploited can now be developed because through holding, the PGN can enter while Pertamina can provide the gas. So, [with the holding,] many benefits and efficiency can be reaped,” she said.