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Good news: PALYJA finishes technical work in Pejompongan, gradually resumes water supply in West Jakarta as normal

January, 29 2018 | 18:54 pm PALYJA finishes technical work

Private water company PT PAM Lyoinnaise Jaya’s (PALYJA) West Jakarta regional clean water operator has just finished technical work on its drinking water installation system in the Pejompongan area, Central Jakarta, and has gradually resumed supplying water as normal to its customers in the West Jakarta area.

The technical work and the resumption of the water supply to the West Jakarta area was concluded on Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. The water supplier would like to thank state-owned electricity company PLN, as well as other parties that have helped it to complete its technical work on time and thereby continue to supply water to its customers in the West Jakarta area as usual.

While the technical work was in progress, PALYJA also sent water trucks to hospitals, low-cost apartments and places of worship in West Jakarta to supply water upon request. The company apologized for the inconveniences caused by the technical work.

For further information, customers can contact the company’s call center ( 021 ) – 2997 9999, visit its website as well as by sending a text message to 0816725952.