What creates economic inequality in RI

September, 14 2017 | 13:41 pm FMB9_2

Four things lead to inequality in Indonesia, according to National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) head Bambang S. Brodjonegoro.

The first is the unequal distribution of basic services.

“When people don’t have access to health, education, clean water, sanitation and electricity, it can be guaranteed that they will be left far behind, because that is the kind of basic access that citizens need,” Bambang said at the Forum Merdeka Barat 9 ( FMB9 ) media forum in Central Jakarta on Sept. 8 as quoted by

Another cause is unequal quality of work. A lot of people these days are stuck in low productivity jobs that pay low wages. The third cause is inequality in income and assets. The last cause is a lack of a social safety net.

“People can fall into poverty as a result of illness, loss of employment, a rise in prices or due to natural disasters, and Indonesia is vulnerable to natural disasters,” Bambang said.

That is why the government has to intervene in the growth process so that there is no resulting inequality. According to Bambang, this can be done through programs that specifically target the bottom 40 percent of society.