Grades aren’t everything

October, 07 2017 | 04:53 am Courtesy of Wijaya Kusuma
Courtesy of Wijaya Kusuma

A student in Indonesia is traditionally viewed as being accomplished simply for getting the best grades at school.

The government is hoping that schools, particularly teachers, will begin to re-evaluate this old viewpoint.

Educators, according to Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Muhadjir Effendy, should also work to develop the talents of students and transform these talents into competence.

It is for this reason that the education and learning process that goes on in school has to be oriented to the individual nature of each student.

Schools don’t have to work at this alone. They can also work together with nearby institutions to help with the development of students.

A school next to a dance school can take advantage of such proximity to inspire students to get into dance. A school next to a soccer field can likewise use this location to get more students to become involved in soccer as a career.

“Let schools become a center for learning. The surrounding environment can be wells of learning,” Muhadjir said during the Forum Merdeka Barat 9 media gathering at the Communications and Informatics Ministry on Sept. 30.

“We will open recruitment (centers) and nurture future soccer players from as early as elementary school. I am confident that if students start young, we can have 11 players who can beat Malaysia. I don’t think that will be too difficult,” Muhadjir added, according to

These non-academic accomplishments can be used as part of a student’s portfolio as they enter higher education and the workplace.

“Through character education, each child is special and has a uniqueness that cannot be generalized,” Muhadjir said.