Govt targets 1 million vocational workers

October, 11 2017 | 09:35 am Courtesy of Industry Ministry
Courtesy of Industry Ministry

Competition between nations is becoming increasingly more intense, which is why the Office of the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture believes that Indonesia needs to prepare and educate its human resources to truly fulfill market demands.

According to Ghafur Akbar Dharma Putra, a specialist staff member on sustainable development goals at the office, one way the government is working to prepare the nation’s human resources is through the revitalization of education and training at vocational schools, polytechnics and training halls.

“Five ministries are involved in this effort,” Ghafur said, during the recent Forum Merdeka Barat 9 media gathering event at the Communications and Information Ministry in late August.

These five ministries are the Industry Ministry, the Education and Cultural Affairs Ministry, the Research, Technology and Higher Education Ministry, the Manpower Ministry and the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry.

The Industry Ministry has expressed its readiness to supply the needs of industry for competent workers that have graduated from vocational education programs.

In Italy, for example, such skilled human resources were historically crucial in improving Italian production and the competitiveness of its manufacturing sector.

“We have many human resources, but those who fulfill the qualifications to enter into the world of industry are few. That is why this vocational education is very important,” said Haris Munandar, who is secretary general of the Industry Ministry, as quoted by

Haris revealed that the Industry Ministry had launched a number of vocational programs throughout Java. This featured the participation of 308 industry representatives and 1,019 vocational schools, and has produced 1,710 signed partnerships.

Meanwhile, the Manpower Ministry is doing its part to improve vocational education by maximizing the use of “Competence-Based Training” at Employment Training Halls through its “3R Program”, which involves Revitalization, Rebranding and Reorientation.

“The goal of this program is not only to create a massive workforce, but also a focused workforce [that produces workers] in accordance with industry demands,” said Harry Sudarmanto, who is secretary general at the Manpower Ministry.

For 2018, the government is aiming to produce 1 million ready-to-work students through vocational education. Toward this end, it is involving 1,775 vocational schools and 355 companies. It estimates that its verified graduates will amount to 845,000 people.

This industry vocational program is based on the 2003 National Education System Law and on Presidential Instruction No. 9/2016 on Revitalizing Vocational Schools.