Special features to ensure public security

November, 09 2017 | 01:10 am Photo courtesy of Communications and Information Ministry
Photo courtesy of Communications and Information Ministry

The latest Forum Merdeka Barat 9 ( FMB9 ) media gathering event, held at the Communications and Information Ministry on Nov. 7, covered the ongoing subject of the government’s SIM card registration program.

According to Communications and Information Ministry director general for post and informatics management Ahmad M. Ramli, this program is the government’s way of providing the public with guaranteed security and legal certainty.

The public, Ramli says, is concerned about identity theft, particularly when it comes to the misuse of their citizenship identity numbers (NIK) and family cards (KK).

The government is working with telecommunications operators, and they have anticipated these possibilities through this SIM card registration program. Together they have come up with a number-checking service that will be instated on Nov. 20.

A citizen can make use of this service by visiting their nearest telecommunications operator stall and using features such as UNREG, which allows people to report incidents of their number being used by unknown parties. It also allows them to unregister malicious accounts.

In order to do so, a citizen must bring their legal identification papers, like their ID cards and their most up-to-date family cards.

“If a person wants to find out what phone numbers are associated with their NIK, all they have to do is send an SMS using the formatting procedures established by telecommunications operators. From there they can find out if their NIK is being used by someone else,” Ramli said.

People will not be allowed to do their own unregistering. The telecommunications operators will be in charge of that. The reason for this, according to Ramli, is that it opens the doors for people to maliciously unregister the numbers of other people.

“If I want to check the number of a SIM card from a different operator, then I can check it out at the web provider for that particular SIM card,” Ramli said.

The regulations for this UNREG feature are outlined in the Laws on Information and Electronic Transactions. As such, operators are obligated to provide unregistration services.

Also present during FMB9 was Zudan Arif, the Home Ministry’s civil registration director general, I Ketut Prihadi Kresna, the commissioner of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulation Body (BRTI) and Merza Fachys, chairman of the Indonesian Cellular Telecommunications Association (ATSI).